Yaksha Festival, A Celestial Feast of Music and Dance


India’s diverse and rich culture actually holds the thread of its unity. Most of the art forms have evolved over a thousand of years ago and are still practiced. This is not a reflection of the diverse culture but also a spiritual inspiration. Hence to preserve this tradition which has enriched the nation “Isha Foundation” hosts annually a seven day event called “Yaksha” since January 2010. The name of the festival is named after Yakshas, who are the celestial beings in Hindu mythology. “Yaksha” is a seven day festival of music and dance in the Dhyanalinga Yogic temple located at beautiful foothills of the famous Velliangiri Hills. This spectacular and colorful festival mainly focuses on reminding people the subtle and vibrant traditions which belong to the ancient Indian culture. In short “Yaksha gives an opportunity to the people across the globe to learn and experience the serenity of the beautiful art forms of India.


‘Yaksha” is a stage for eminent artistes in traditional music and dance form around the country who are equally interested in preserving and promoting the tradition and culture of ancient India. Each day of the seven day event is a wonderful blend of both contemporary and cultural art forms. The Festival includes Carnatic and Hindustani music concerts, dazzling instrumental performances by renowned artists in Flute, Sarod and Tabla, and beautiful dance forms like Bharatnatyam. The “Yaksha” Festival in 2012 was a great success as the audience got an opportunity to enjoy the brilliant performances of the well known Sarod Player Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan Amjad Ali Khan and few more well-known artists like L. Subramnian the famous violinist, and Alarmel Valli the famous Bharatnatyam dancer. The “Yaksha” Festival falls around the festival of Mahashivratri. The last day of this festival is the night of one of the most powerful festival Mahashivratri. It is believed that the concerts continue for the whole night on this particular day. The venue of this festival i.e. the Dhyanalinga temple is well lit and beautifully decorated with flowers which takes the audience mentally to a spiritual state.


The venue of the “Yaksha” Festival is in itself an architectural wonder. The Dhyanlinga temple is known for peaceful meditation amidst pleasing and picturesque surroundings at the Velliangiri foothills. The place is believed to have some eternal vibrations and the beat place to be blessed by the 14 ft high Dhyanalinga. During the “Yaksha” Festival the music vibrates around the temple making it a divine place. The tourists flock from all around the world to experience this heavenly place especially during the “Yaksha” festival. It is believed that this temple was built in a very short time because Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, who is also the founder of the non profit Isha Foundation, got to know about the mercury based ‘linga’ which was inside the ground and asked the Auroville to construct a temple. Hence it is seen that the temple is dome shaped to lock the positive energy inside for the benefit of the devotees.

When: Feb 11-17, 2015

Duration: 7 Days

Where: Tamil Nadu

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