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Discovering Karnataka

Karnataka, one of the four southern states of South India, is greatly sanctified with many mesmerizing worlds. Witnessing the eternal monuments at the World Heritage Sites, the flourishing green meadows, the captivating natural world, gushing rivulets, contemporary cities, picturesque hill ranges, uncharted jungles, the enlivening beach shores and the most effervescent art of culture of the state leaves every tourist awestruck. 


Initially this state was created as the State of Mysore on 1st of November 1956, and was coroneted as Karnataka in 1973.  Bangalore, and now the Bengaluru, being the capital city has evolved as a major IT hub in the country, is experiencing a squall of economical and technological expansion and is best known for its pleasant climate. The people of Karnataka are warm and welcoming and “Kannada” being the official and commonly spoken lingo, is one of the Classical Languages of India. Karnataka has three chief topological precincts - the coastal region of Karavali, the mountainous Malenadu expanse encompassing the Western Ghats and the Bayaluseeme region covering the Deccan plateau. 


Tourists Fascinations

Nowhere else in the country one can get to see splendid sculptured temples or monuments as in Karnataka. No wonder then, the state has been rightly called as the “Cradle of Stone Architecture”. The glorious World Heritage Sites at Hampi and Pattadakal, the spectacular stone temple shines at Belur, Halebeedu and Somnathapura, the cave temples of Badami and Aihole, and the imperial castle, domes and minarets of Bijapura and Gulbarga revives the state’s history and enriching cultural prosperities. These unrivaled marvels are articulate souvenirs of a prosperous legacy.


Karnataka is hallowed with riches of nature. The murky mountains, the lush green forests, garrulous brooks are simply breathtaking. The gushing water from gleaming waterfalls set in the midst of the verdant jungles of the Kodugu districts and Uttrara Kannada looks picturesque. Each region has its own exclusivity to add to the allure of the state.  The Jog falls is measured to be the uppermost in India, and it initiates from these Ghats. From Sandalwood forests to coffee plantations, from trekking tracks to romantic hill stations, from thrilling Western Ghats to wildlife, Karnataka has so much to offer for everybody. 


Footing high with the lofty Western Ghats in the east and sacred by the indigo waters of the Arabian Sea in the west, Karnataka has 320km long seashore speckled with untouched shores and temples. The eternal trails of bullion sand, amiably influential palm trees, and lucid azure skies mould the ideal mood for a tranquil holiday at the shores of Malpe, karwara, Gowkarna and other beaches of Karnataka. The costal delicacies of Karnataka is simple lip smacking. Coconut is extensively used in the costal food.


Culturally Karnataka

Karnataka is a land of diverse ethnicity. Ruled by numerous empires, it has turned out to be an ideal fusion of varied thinking and mores that echo in every aspect of the state. It has a wide range of folk culture to its credits. The state’s prosperous and vivacious culture of Yakshagana, Bombe aata (puppetry), Nagamandala, Togalu Boombe aata, Bhoota Aaradane and other forms of art exemplify the affluent edifying wealth of the state. Dussara is been celebrated as the Naada Habba (state festival) with full pomp and prosper to it. 


The warm summers or the chilly winters, the heavy rains or the pleasing climax, anytime of the year is the finest time to holiday in Karnataka. Escaping into the woods of Bandipur forests or nipping on a cup of hot coffee in the murky hills of Coorg, Karnataka is the place for every soul to rediscover themselves in the lap of Mother Nature!

Best Time to Visit Karnataka

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