Pattadakal Dance Festival, A Visual Treat


‘Pattadakal’ is a town in the state of Karnataka in India which hosts the famous cultural dance event known as “Pattadakal Dance festival” once in a year in the month of January. The “Pattadakal Dance Festival” is a festival which explores the cultural heritage of India. This festival is celebrated with grandeur amidst the famous Shiva temples constructed during the seventh and eighth centuries. The festival is a three day event which includes exquisite performances by known personalities against the backdrop of the magnificent Temples which highlights India’s architectural wealth. The temples are unique because they are a combination of the architectural styles which are prevalent in the North India i.e. the Nagara Style and South India i.e. the Dravidiyan Style. “The Pattadakkal Dance Festival” is explained as a divine and breath taking experience set amidst this World heritage site.


“The Patadakkal Dance Festival” is also known as “Chalukya Dance Festival” because Pattadakal happens to be the ancient capital of the Chalukyan kings. The ‘Nrithyotsava’ or the ‘Pattadakal Dance festival’ at Pattadakal is an event organized by the Government of Karnataka to revive the beautiful forms of traditional art that has lost its glory because of globalization. The festival is set amidst the ten beautiful temples of Lord Shiva and looks like it is not only a dance festival but also a celebration of the stunning spectacular architecture of the temples. Some dance performances are also performed at the Badami and Aihole which are also considered as world famous Temples. Famous dancers from all over India are a part of this festival. The festival is a visual treat to the admirers of music and dance as it showcases the best forms of classical dance and music. Apart from the cultural performances a ‘Mela’ is organized for the craftsmen to display their beautiful pieces of art work at reasonable prices. Artisans from all over the state of Karnataka get this golden opportunity to market their artifacts and crafts that are usually not found in the crafts emporia to the tourists who never miss to take back sweet souvenirs.


The world famous Pattadakal Dance Festival is a rare event that art lovers can never afford to miss. After enjoying the three day extravaganza of some breath taking performances by prominent artists from across the country one can explore the architectural intricacies of the Virupaksha Temple, Sangameshvara Temple, Mallikarjuna Temple, Kashivisvanatha Temple, Kadasiddhesvara and Jambulingeswara' temples, Galganatha temple and Jain Temples. Pattadakal, set on the banks of river Malaprabha is widely popular for these historic temples. It is believed that the King of Chalukya dynasty constructed these magnificent structures which set an example of India’s diversity even today. Some pillars in these temples still bear the inscriptions on them which truly gets one closer to the rich traditional heritage of India. Hence it can be said that ‘Pattadakal Dance Festival’ is the best time to visit Pattadakal as one can soak completely in the traditional music and dance and also have a glimpse of the Chalukyan architecture.

When: Jan 25-27, 2015

Duration: 3 Days

Where: Karnataka

Specially Celebrated in: Karnataka

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