Mamallapuram Dance Festival, Festival of dance


There is a huge sculpture of the Pallavas in Mamallapuram. This is the venue for the different forms of dances in the place of Mammallapuram. Mamallapuram dance festival is held in the place of Mahabalipuram of Tamilnadu. There are many dance forms such as Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kathakali, Kuchupudi, Mohiniattam, Odissi and so on. The dances from different parts of India will be performed here. People will travel from different places to give performance and also to witness the dance festival. This festival is mostly in the months of January and February. Many celebrities, famous personalities from all walks of life will come here to witness the performances.


Tamil Nadu Tourist Corporation promotes this cultural event to improve tourism. The dance performed in front of the rock sculpture of the Pallavas is very attractive to watch. This rock is the place where Arjuna, a character of Mahabharata, performed the penance. There are two rocks together which has sculptures and gives a total aesthetic look to the dance performances. This dance festival in Mamallapuram is for nearly four weeks. The stage is an open theatre. There are many solo and folk dances from different parts of India and the stage is believed to be there from the thirteenth century.


The rock sculpture is nest to the sea and gives a marvelous look when the dances are performed. The sea breeze with the moves of dance is a life time experience. The place is popular for its monolith rock sculptures. Pallavas were the kings who encouraged sculptures. They have many temples and buildings in their credit of Pallava culture. The beaches and sculptures with beautiful temples attract many tourists here. The time of the Mamallapuram Dance Festival which is held in the months of January and February makes the city to start bustling with the foreigners. The dancers will be waiting for a chance to perform in this place which will be their life time chance.


Many people who are famous in dancing come here for dance. Folk dances and the classical dances from different parts of India will come here to perform the dances. The back drop of the sculpture and the open stage, gives totally a different picture of the dance. It makes a huge difference between the stages in the theatres and the performance in the open theatre. Chennai is the nearest place to Mamallapuram where many parts of the world are connected to the city of Chennai. An international airport is located in Chennai; from which this place is about 58 Kms away. Mamallapuram is connected to the city of Chennai by good Roadways and we can reach the place by bus or taxi.


Culture of India and heritage is well reflected through the dance festival of Mamallapuram. The different dances of the country are also shown to the massive audience of the show. Delegates from different country arrive to attend the show. The department of tourism promotes this festival to all countries of the world. These dance performances will be held during the nights and the sound, lights, backdrop of the sculptures will give an aesthetic experience to the spectators.

When: Dec 21-Jan 21, 2015

Duration: 32 Days

Where: Tamil Nadu

Specially Celebrated in: Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

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