Bikaner Camel Festival, Popular For Camels


Bikaner is a place in Rajasthan. The world famous Bikaner Camel festival is held here. The people from all over the world will come to participate in the camel festival. The camels are displayed with full decoration which remains as an unforgettable memory in the mind. This festival is held during winter. This is the time where the climate will be cool in the desert of Rajasthan. This festival is organized by the Department of Tourism of Rajasthan. The colors and the traditions of Rajasthan will be seen as a glimpse during this festival. The festival mostly will be crowded and this crowd can also be avoided and watched.


The festival will start officially in Bikaner city. But the real festival will be in the village of Ladera. This village is almost 45 Kms from Bikaner. This is held in the month of January towards 26-27. The festival starts up with a procession in front of the Junnagarh Fort. The camels will be the real attraction of this festival. The camels are decked up with necklaces, anklets and beautifully embroidered saddles. The procession of the camels will be mesmerizing. After the procession the festival will get on to the village of Ladera.


This festival is spread to three days. There are many competitions organized like the camel dancing, camel races, camel milking and fur designing. The best breed of camels will get prizes also. The fresh camel milk can be tasted in this festival. The camels will show their acrobatic skills here. This festival is not only the camel show but there are many displays of the arts and handicrafts of Rajasthan. There are many troupes which will have some camels with them. These troupes will give many shows which will be interesting to watch. The people perform the local folk dances and fire dances.


After the camel programs are over the shows and displays are held. Towards evening there will be colorful fire works. The local foods are also available in this fair. The popular dishes of the locals of Rajasthan can be tasted. The Choorma and the Dal Baati can be tasted too. There are many temples and grand palaces around Bikaner. The junagarh fort, Karni Mata temples are quite popular. In karni Mata temple the rats are worshipped. The nearest airport to Bikaner is the Jodhpur fort which is about 240 Kms from Bikaner. From Delhi Bikaner is about 500 Kms from Delhi. So the road and the train connections are quite good.


The camels will be exhibited and can be rode during this festival. The camels are decked and taken in procession. Rajasthan is a place where the camels are found in abundant. People who like to watch and take a safari ride on camels will really enjoy the trip to Bikaner. The camels will be the real heroes of this festival. They wail have many types of competitions which will be entertaining. The camel breeding farm here is one of the biggest in Asia. Everything is attractive and the festival is held in a pleasant climate season.

When: Jan 14-15, 2017

Duration: 2 Days

Where: Bikaner

Specially Celebrated in: Rajasthan

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