Chennai Music and Dance Festival, Festival of dance and music


The classical music of south India will reach its peaks in the Chennai music and dance festival in Chennai. This festival is a celebration of dance and music. This festival will be held from mid December to mid January. It is held in Chennai of Tamil Nadu. The festival will be organized in different centers in the city. Each and every place where the people can accommodate is used for this festival. The heritage bungalows, Sabhas, auditoriums and many other places will be used. The city will carry a festive look by all these celebrations. The people who are interested in music will surely take part in the festival in any of the venues.


Even temples will be used as venues for the dance and music programs. The popular artists will feel prestigious to give programs in this festival. This festival is as old as from 1927. This is called Marghazhi festival by the locals. This was mainly for remembrance of the Madras music Academy anniversary. But it was followed by other musical and dance organizations slowly. The month of December or Marghazhi is said to be sacred for all the Hindus. Music and Dance is not only entertainment, but it is said to be devotional. The practice of dance and music is said to be equal to the worship to God. So Hindus respect the arts.


There are many artists who will perform giving a feast for the people who love music and dance. The concerts will carry a festive look and the people will be happy to listen to the music of the artists whom they adore. Some of the artists will respect and worship the art f music and dance. They will surely come to these celebrations and enjoy the music to their hearts content. The people enjoy music a lot as they are well-educated in music, and those who do not know music, will surely not enjoy this festival. People from all around the world come to enjoy this music festival and people having knowledge of instruments will also participate in this festival.


The group and solo singing, group and solo dancing, instruments and many other performances will be very nice to witness and participate. Even the artists, who have reached their peaks in music and dance, will surely participate in this festival as they have great respect for this festival that is celebrated till the month of January. In January, the scene of these celebrations will take a turn into Thyagaraja Aradhana.


The Thyagaraja Aradhana is a week’s festival which is the birth festival of Thyagaraja. He was a carnatic music composer. The musicians will show their attribute to the great soul by singing his compositions. Normally, the weather is tropical in this city but during the time of November-December, it is cool and the weather will be nice. Music and dance is held during this festival time. Chennai music and dance festival in Chennai is famous for the people all over the world.

When: Jan 3-9, 2016

Duration: 7 Days

Where: Chennai

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