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The City of Joy – West Bengal

The city of Kolkata is an apparent emphasize to the complete state of West Bengal. With an extremely long series of restaurants and malls, life can be as exciting as ever and travelers find the city to be the liveliest city ever. Kolkata takes pride in being the country’s capital previous to New Delhi that means the state is nearly packed with places of tradition and rich mores. Like any other urban city, Kolkata has significantly a high amount of libraries all over the place and educational establishments of high norms. A chief sector of tourists in Kolkata is fascinated by the abundant museums that are sited all over the city. The oldest in Asia is the Indian Museum which is located in Kolkata and it is also the biggest in the continent. 

The entire city rejoices festivals in coming together with ultimate liveliness and hence precisely called as the “City of Joy”. It is a just the right option for customers from any part of the country since there are many bazaars, for instance, the Treasure Island Market that imbibes shopping a ultimate experience. The city is no where short of sacred sites that are worth visiting, like the Birla Temple that conserves the asceticism since ages is prominent.  Darjeeling is one such place in West Bengal where there is totally a lot to experience than to holiday. The ropeway for tourists in particular is tremendously remarkable and the journey starts from a few kilometers away from the township to a place in the southern province of the town called Singla Bazaar. And to mention, Darjeeling is an appropriate option for trekkers too because of its scenic beauty and the Mountain ranges around. The toy train carries the commuters on an incredible voyage through imperative sites to see, and through malls and bazaars of the town. The height of exhilaration it brings makes it all worth striving for every visitor in Darjeeling. 

Apart from these, it also has quite many renowned temples like the Kali Temple. The Observatory Hill, where Mahakal temple is situated, is considered extremely important by Buddhists as well, since a popular Buddhist monastery was formerly situated here. The Kanchenjunga mountain, which can be viewed from the Observatory Hills, is recognized as the third highest of all the mountains all over the world. Siliguri is one more city of West Bengal that has a huge horde of tourists teeming in for the picturesque beauty, godliness of its temples, flora and fauna. Sevoke Coronation Bridge, near the well-known Kali Mandir is constructed amid Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri and is just the right spot for a day outing. 

With forests being exhausted and mammals being vanished all over the country these days, Sundarbans with its intense forests and wildlife conservation is certainly a unique heritage. It is acknowledged to be the biggest mangrove and it is unbelievable that a high amount of plant and animal species that makes Sundarbans National Park sensible for tourists, particularly for those who adore photography as there is the whole lot of exceptionally beautiful things out there to snap.

Apart from all the natural and religious riches, the state also boasts for the owning an International University established by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore where the cultures of the East & the West could convene and blend. Coroneted as Vishva-Bharati, the academia symbolizes Indian mores while integrating the finest of other ethnicities. Shantiniketan, the abode of tranquility, was originally an Ashram or hermitage founded in 1863 by Maharishi Devendranath Tagore. In 1901 his son, Rabindranath renewed it into an experimental open-air small school with just five students. It proved successfully. He broadened the compass of studies which progressively created the nucleus of a University.

Best Time to Visit West Bengal

Nov 22-Dec 2, 2015
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