Teesta Tea and Tourism Festival, Sikkim Tea festival


The Teesta tea and tourism festival is celebrated to mainly promote tourism. This tourism is jointly organized by the West Bengal Tourism, Sikkim Tourism and the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council. This tourism is supported by the India tourism, hotels of Sikkim and also tourist organizations. Tourism will benefit all these people in some or the other way. The people will come from different parts of the world and Foreign exchange will increase that helps the country financially. There are lots of Tea Gardens in Sikkim and the nature is enchanting here. There are many resorts that help the people to relax and rejuvenate themselves.


There are large estates of tea in Sikkim. The place if hilly and the nature will really mesmerize anyone. The people who stay in resorts will enjoy the nature to full stretch. Tea is sometimes called Champagne of east here. This festival will be organized in a grand manner. The locals and the tourists will surely enjoy this festival. There are many activities and also excitement is attached to this festival. Food carnival, toy train ride and film fest are other attractions here. There are many types of water sports played here during the time of the festival.


There are many sanctuaries and nature walks that is really a very thrilling and interesting for the people who like nature. The hilly area of Sikkim will have the festival look during this time. This festival is celebrated during the time of November and December. This attracts large crowds of tourists who come from all parts of the world to enjoy the nature and Tea here. The tea will have the special flavor, since it is completely grown in the cradle of the nature. The aroma of the tea is completely different. The people who are crazy of tea will surely know the blend and brew of the tea made here.


There are different types and blends of tea that is surely enjoyed by the people who come here. The Tourists who come for the Teesta Tea and Tourism Festival will have the opportunity to taste various teas. There are many private Tour operators and restaurants who will serve the tourists well. The people who love tea will get a good opportunity to taste tea to their hearts content. There is also a food festival that will attract the tourists. Film festival, Toy train ride, music and dance competitions are the main attractions of this festival.


There are different types of tea available for buying such as the black, white, Oozing and Green tea are some types of tea. The masala tea and the scented teas are available here where the people are mostly involved in growing tea. The state produces almost 9 million kilograms of tea. As India is still developing condition, the people from all over the world are interested in knowing more about India. The people who come for this festival will know the process of producing tea. Thus, festivals are the best way to present India in front of the world’s eye.

When: Nov 22-Dec 2, 2015

Duration: 11 Days

Where: Sikkim, West Bengal

Specially Celebrated in: Darjeeling

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