Mewar Festival, Greatest Festival of Rajasthan


The festival of Mewar is a well known feast which is compromised with Rajasthani songs, dances, processions, devotional music and firework display- usually celebrated in the month of March / April. The feast is celebrated in the great city of Udaipur during the Gangaur Festival. Processions of colorfully dressed up women, who are carrying the images of the goddess Gauri, take their path towards the Lake Pichola. The great leading procession of the boats on the lake offers pride to this celebration.


The Mewar festival is also known to welcome the arrival of spring season with all dedication in the place of Udaipur, Rajasthan. The spirit of the festival can be seen throughout the state of Rajasthan. Udaipur is well known to be the governing place of the Mewar rulers. Mewar Festival of Udaipur is a greatest festival of the state of Rajasthan. The state is also famous all over India for its liveliness.


During the festival days, the entire city of Udaipur is drowned in colors of festivity. All the local markets and the shops brighten their entrances with bright lights and decorations. Since the festival takes place along with the Gangaur festival, the Mewar festival is known for the womenfolk of Rajasthan. The festival is mainly for women folk and it offers the best time when the women dress in their finest clothes and join the celebrations of the feast.


To conduct the ceremony, women assemble to dress the images of Isar and Gangaur. After dressing the idols, they carry them in a traditional procession passing through different parts of the city. At the end, the procession makes its move towards the Gangaur Ghat at Pichola Lake. At this point, the images are transported into special boats and immersed in the deep waters of the lake.


When this religious rituals ends, the people get engaged with various dances, songs and other cultural events telling the culture of Rajasthan. The Mewar festival spreads goodness all over Rajasthan and people enjoy this festival. This bright and colorful festival attracts tourists from all over the world.


The Mewar festival is celebrated to welcome the arrival of spring. It also relates with the festival of Gangaur in Udaipur, and has a unique form about it. The festival of Gangaur is very important for women of Rajasthan.


It is a time for them to dress up in their best clothes and participate in the festival. They gather to dress the image of Isar and Gangaur and then carry them in ceremonial procession through different parts of the city.


The procession makes its way along the Gangaur Ghat at Lake Pichhola. This is the place where the images are transferred to special boats, where they have much singing and festivity. When the religious part of the festival ends, the cultural events where Rajasthani culture of songs, dances and other programmers takes place.


The festival also endures with a display of fireworks. This festival is celebrated throughout the state with lots of activity which keeps the participants in a joyful frame of mind.

When: Apr 9-11, 2016

Duration: 3 Days

Where: Udaipur

Specially Celebrated in: Rajasthan

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