Basant Panchami, Lord Saraswati - Knowledge and Wisdom


The fifth day of the spring season is celebrated as the Basant Panchami. Basant is the spring season and panchami is the fifth day. Goddess Saraswathi who is the symbol of wisdom is worshipped on this day. There will be new hope and inspiration flow experienced on this day. People will experience that their dreams will come true n this day. Goddess Saraswathi will sit on the Lotus and her vehicle is a Swan. This Swan is having such a capacity that if milk mixed with water is given to it, it will separate them. This is called the wisdom in the Hindu philosophy. Wisdom comes from birth and practicing. The person who is wise only can pick out the real pearls from the vast ocean of knowledge.


Spring is in the autumn season. The fruits and flowers will be seen in the gardens. The nature will look to its peak in this season. The fields will be full of mustard, wheat and they swing to the wind. The farmers dream is come true in this season. The weather is also pleasant with the nature with its full beauty will bring happiness to the minds. Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma and Goddess Saraswathi are worshipped on this day. Basant Panchami is considered as one of the auspicious day. The people celebrate the arrival of spring season.


The muhurat on the Basant Panchami is auspicious for the students and they will worship Goddess Saraswathi, the goddess of knowledge. Many people will do house warming and open new businesses on this day. The day Goddess Saraswathi was created by Lord Brahma is the Basant Panchami. The idol of the goddess is worshipped on this day and it is immersed in the water the very next day. People believe that life begins on this particular day. Happiness normally will arrive with the spring season.


The crops will be harvested in this season. So the farmers will be very happy with their crops. This happiness is represented by the Basant Panchami. Spring season will bring in the green back to the earth. This is celebrated by the people. Other than worshipping the gods there is kite flying also. Many competitions are held on this day for flying the kite. Many people from all over the world come here to participate in the kite competition. There are different types of kites which are flown in the blue skies. The wind will be very pleasant for flying the kites.


The day of Basant Panchami is more auspicious for goddess Saraswathi. Small girls will do the puja and offer yellow sweet rice as Naivedhyam to Goddess Saraswathi. Yellow colored clothes are given as charity to the married girls. The puja is believed to increase the knowledge, art, peace and knowledge of the family. Lord Shiva is also worshipped on this day with yellow color flowers. People enjoy on this day by worshipping and also flying kites. The farmers will relax after the hard days of working in the fields.

When: Feb 12, 2016

Duration: 1 Day

Where: India

Specially Celebrated in: West Bengal

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