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Punjab – The Bread Basket of India

The northern state of Punjab is the called “the Bread Basket of India” as the state completely dependents on agriculture, on calculating for approximately the complete cultivation and production of wheat in the India. Neighboring the capricious country Pakistan to the west and few other Indian states to the east, south and north, Punjab is one of the richest states in India in terms of soil fecundity. One will be welcomed into the state of Punjab with lots of love and warmth. Traversing across the capital city Chandighar, which was planned by Frenchman Le Corbusier, the fortress of Razia Sultana – the only female ruler of Delhi in Bhatinda, the temples, mosques and gurudraws, and the Samadhi of the revolutionary Indian freedom fighter Shahid Bhagat singh, Rajguru, and Suchdev in Ferozepur are truly worth cherishing.

With most of the areas of the Punjab under farming, the state adorns with some sparkling vista to relish. The thriving green meadows of wheat and maize that is spread across the state bestow the traveler incredible memories to treasure. The main tourist destinations of Punjab that are frequented by tourists are -Amritsar, Chandigarh, Wagah, Ludhiana and Jallianwala Bagh. The city of Amritsar undergoes tremendous climate conditions with maximum of 40 C to minimum of -3 C. The Harmandir Sahib - the Golden Temple, the holiest shrine in the faith of Sikhism, is one of the chief attractions in the state and the country. Also well-known as the Shri Darbar Shaib, it resides in the core of the old part of Amritsar. The Golden Temple is built on a rectangular podium, enclosed by a pool of water called the Amrit Sarovar from where the city got its name. The doorway to the Golden Temple edifice is through an elaborate arcade with complex engraved work. 

During Maharaja Ranjit Singh's sovereignty the junior half of the temple was ornamented with marble stone whereas the complete upper half was decorated with copper and gold plated. Its four gateways characteristically invite one and all from all directions. Constructed in a fusion of Hindu and Muslim architecture, the Golden Temple is a two storied marble structure and the internal structure of the temple is bejeweled with semi precious stones and gems, frescoes and glass work.


Chandigarh is the mutual capital of Punjab and bordering Haryana. The metropolis of Chandigarh is measured to be a union territory by the Government of India. Chandigarh is one of the few designed cities in India and was planned by Lutyen, the same person who initiated and built the country's capital, New Delhi. Wagah is one of the numerous border townships that is situated down the margin connecting Pakistan and India. The Wagah Border post is one of the chief tourist attractions and is no way out of fervor. The horde impends to the township to see the flag changing service between the armed forces of the two countries posted along the borderline. This event takes place twice a day, is an emblematic gesticulation between the two countries. The show by the soldiers of both armies is incredible and instills a sense of nationalism to any person witnessing the splendid ceremony. 

Another chief city of Punjab, the city of Ludhiana is the abode of yarn clothes in Punjab. With a flourishing commerce, this city pulls the tourists for its hugely admired woolen fashion choices. Historically significance, the Jallianwala Bagh is a commemorative site for folks who dished for the purpose of freedom for the country. One can still witness some bullet holes on the walls of this very old garden. The site is a foremost attraction for tourists from all over India.

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