Visakha Utsav, A cultural journey


The Visakha Utsav is a famous festival celebrated every year in the State of Andhra Pradesh in Vishakhapatnam. The entire city of Vishakhapatnam comes alive during the grand celebration of this festival. It is seen that people from all over the state come together to enjoy the festivities during the ‘Visaka Utsav’. The Festival celebrations begin on the third Friday of the month of January. ‘Visaka Utsav’ is celebrated for three days with great pomp and gaiety and ends on a Sunday of the same week. The festival marks jubilant celebrations of the rich culture and tradition of Andhra Pradesh in the form of dance, music, arts, crafts, and various other cultural programs. The port city of Vishakhapatnam is believed to be the best venue for this three day festival. The main venue of the Visaka Utsav is the beautiful and serene Ram Krishna Beach.


Visakha Utsav festival is a cultural event which is organized by the Department of Andhra Pradesh Tourism to display the culture of the famous district of Vishakhapatnam. Vishakhapatnam is a well known place in India for the arts and crafts and hence “Visaka Utsav” serves as a platform to showcase these items to attract tourism. Renowned artists from various countries come to participate in this cultural festival. Cultural programs like traditional dance forms and Carnatic music are the true essence of the ‘Visaka Utsav”. Apart from this the festival is famous for its garment exhibition, flower shows and sports activities. Sportsmen get good opportunities in the sports events during this festival. All the events reflect the spirit and the color of the region. For the food lovers the ‘Visaka Utsav’ also arranges for a variety of cuisines famous in Andhra Pradesh in the food fairs. The entire state gets drenched with the festivities as the festival throws enough light on the native culture of Vishakhapatnam. In short the festival attracts large number of tourists who want to enjoy the festival of  ‘Visaka Utsav’ take along with them a  glimpse of the culture of Andhra Pradesh.


Visaka Utsav is considered as a famous and one of the biggest and grandest celebrations in the district of Vishakhapatnam. The craft exhibition attracts a huge number of tourists where the tourists never miss on to take some memorable souvenirs because the beautiful pieces of handicrafts are available at very reasonable prices and are not found even in the best of the emporiums in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The crafts exhibition is also known as ‘Jataara’ where the artisan’s sell the traditional artifacts of Andhra Pradesh including jewelry and handlooms. Here one can also watch the talented craftsmen working on traditional spinning wheels and handlooms. The visitors shop for the ethnic objects of Vishakhapatnam like Jewelry boxes intricately designed, and some antique priceless furniture. Hence it can be said that The Visaka Utsav is a three day colorful event which encompasses plenty of activities, live music, dance, and exhibition all highlighting the life, culture, and tradition of the people of Andhra Pradesh.

When: Jan 15-17, 2016

Duration: 3 Days

Where: Andhra Pradesh

Specially Celebrated in: Visakhapatnam

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