New Year, The best time for resolutions


New Year symbolizes happiness, celebrations, joy, and excitement. New Year is celebrated grandly to bid farewell to the gone year and welcome the New Year with pleasure. The New Year celebrations start from the 31st Dec eve and continue till the clock strikes 12 and goes up to the midnight. The festival is grandly celebrated by the Christian community. All the churches are decorated by light and have special prayers organized on the 31st December and on the 1st January. The priests at the church pray for the betterment of the society and pray that the coming year be filled with happiness, prosperity, and success for all the people. People gather with friends and relatives and exchange gifts and greet each other and make resolutions which they aim to follow on this occasion of the New Year. Some people also arrange for a lavish feast and invite friends for the New Year celebrations.


The Ancient Romans believed and celebrated The New Year on March 1st. Later, in 1582 Pope Greogory reestablished January 1st as the New Year’s Day. Hence the calendar is known as the Gregorian calendar which is accepted as the official calendar by most of the countries in the world. It is believed that India started accepting the Gregorian calendar when the British ruled in India because otherwise the Hindu New year falls on a different date. In India, it is seen that people welcome the New Year with great enthusiasm. Youngsters party with friends at night clubs or at the resorts. They sing, dance, play games, and wish all their friends as the clock strikes 12. Some people enjoy the New Year at home watching TV as the media covers a number of New Year events on most of the prime TV channels for the whole day. Metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore arrange for live concerts which are attended by various renowned music and dance artists. Large crowd is seen attending such live concerts with family and friends. Hence, what can be seen in common is the idea to bid adieu to the year gone and welcome the New Year with loads of happiness and joy.


It is seen that people shop for new colorful clothes, accessories, house hold items, vehicles, furniture’s and so on because there are a lot of year end sale in majority of the cities in India. This time of the year always witnesses an increase in the number of foreign tourists especially in places like Goa and Pondicherry where the New Year celebrations are very grand and popular worldwide. Most of the night clubs, pubs and clubs not only in Goa but in all the major cities in India host magnificent celebrations on the New Years Eve. Hence the security is tightened in all the major cities in India keeping in mind the safety of the citizens. Policemen are seen on charge outside the parties to avoid accidents due to drink and drive. New Year is the beginning of a new set of dreams to be accomplished hence one should be safe and avoid incidents which may hurt peoples sentiments.