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Odisha - Temple City of the East

Orissa or Odisha is a captivating land of marine, sand and magnificent temples all along the elongated coastal belt of the Bay of Bengal. This state has its prime note in the heroic Mahabharata and draws tourists with its elegant beaches and majestic architectural brilliance. The natural luxury of this place with wealthy mores and tradition is purely overwhelming. Situated in the eastern boundaries of India, the state of Orissa has an extensive shoreline to its east, credits to the Bay of Bengal. With West Bengal to its north, Chhattisgarh to its west and Andhra Pradesh to its South, Orissa is one of the biggest states of India.

Well-known for its deep olden times and its ecological scene that makes it prone to tropical storms, Orissa is every traveler’s dream come true. With blue waters and blond beaches, Puri is the hotspot if you want to cleanse all day in the humid Indian sun among the crowd of transcendent coast sand. The borough of Puri is situated down the extensive coastline of the state of Orissa. Puri is a perfect blend of fun and the inspiring. The Jagannath temple, one of the chief temples of Orissa for Hindus is the centre of religionist hub that is personified in India. Conversely, descending away from the flourishing horde and the humming of the temple is the place for the beaches of Puri. Scattered by plentiful resorts, this shore band is available most of the time. The water is so neat and clear with an affluent aquatic life and the sand is blonde and delicately polished, offering the best occasion for a bathe or a sun bath.

Bhubaneshwar - the capital of the state, possess one of brilliantly structured temples from the pages of history. A temple aged 800-year-old that dwells in the middle of a busy, rising and obviously crowded city. The city is a dazzling blend of the old and the contemporary. A land of glorious temples, healthy shores, perfect wildlife, praising the history of Orissa implies all of them.  One can get to see around 500 temples of diverse centuries in the town. The past of city dates back 200 years and it is named after the deity of the three worlds called Tribhuvaneshwar.


The illustrious Sun Temple in Konark is one of the largest and oldest temples in India. The brilliant holy place was constructed during the 12th Century and is a World Heritage Site patented by UNESCO. The complete temple is a colossal chariot with twelve wheels, carted by fourteen fierce horses. One can also witness some erotic sculptures and frescoes on the wall. This temple is often being called as black pagoda, was built by the King Narasingha Deva I of the Ganga dynasty. The term Konarak means the “sun of the corner”. The city was once upon a time a harbor of huge significance as it carried the trade itinerary to the South East Asian nations. The reference of the Sun temple in Konarak has been named in the spiritual books of Hindus including the Puranas which maintains the theory that a temple of sun god existed in Konarak even prior to the Sun Temple was constructed.


The famous Chilka Lake is renowned for its striking grandeur and is one of the biggest lakes not only in the country, but in the entire Asian continent elongated over an area of 1,100 sqkms. It is an idyllic picnic place and offers sufficient scope for boating, fishing and bird watching.

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Jan 15, 2016
Makar-Mela in Odisha
Makar Mela  - Flying Colorful Kites
Duration: 1 Day
Where: Odisha

Makar Mela is celebrated around the middle of January. Makar Sankranti festival comes in this time. 14th of January will be the time for the celebration of this Mela. Sun God is worshipped during this fe...

Feb 19-23, 2016
Konark-Dance-and-Music-Festival in Odisha
Konark Dance and Music Festival  - The Vibrant
Duration: 5 Days
Where: Odisha

India is a culturally diverse country, owning various forms of dance and classical music. Konark Dance and Music festival is one such festival in Orissa which showcases all the different kinds of traditional dances...

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