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Uttar Pradesh – A state with perfect harmony

Uttar Pradesh, the worldwide celebrated state, abides one of the world’s utmost wonders, having the Taj Mahal sited in Agra. The state has two surprising sophisticated cities - Kanpur and Lucknow that are truly worth exploring. In addition the cities, there are also other places that are extensively sanctified for the pilgrims particularly, from all over the world. 


Taj Mahal -Epitome of Love, situated in Agra, is the chief attraction for the tourists across the world. Taj Mahal has been listed among one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Located on the banks of river Yamuna, Taj actually a crypt of Mumtaz Mahal, the wife of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, has been the attraction for the travelers from the past 350 years. Engraved out of white marbles, this quintessence of love is rightly placed as the 7th wonder of the world with its enormous middle arena with the four small domes prevail the main construction and is bordered by the four tall and slender minarets. Taj is said to be the most beautiful structure in the world and the supreme illustration of the Indo-Islamic Architecture. Sited quite close to this overwhelming memorial is the Red Fort of Agra, also called the Agra Fort. This is one of the most significant Indian traditions that tourists cannot afford to miss. 


Lucknow, with unexpected memorials and architectural brilliance, is a stimulating parcel of itself for tourists who adore history and sophistication of construction. The affluent and attractive Kaiserbagh Palace and the Shaheed Smarak which is a monument wholly be reminiscent the tourists of the good-old age combatants are hot spots that are not to be missed. Juma Masjid is an essence of the Nawabian era. The stunning building and the technique of carvings and statues are incredibly grand. Hazratganj is a famous bazaar that has a string of malls and can be a great option for shoppers to stop at. 


Fatehpur Sikri, documented as one of the legacy of the world, was the capital city of the Mughal Monarchy and was built by the great Emperor Akbar. The city has innumerable monuments and mausoleums that merely replicate the sophistication of edifice and efforts of the work in the creation the city. The city did not retain long as a capital, but it has been conserved in its entire Mughal splendor and is still the object of architectural learning - and of the esteem of millions. The Buland Darawaza - Gate of Victory is the chief doorway, the Panch Mahal, Maryamuzzamani Palace, Birbal Bhavan and Jhoda Bhai palace, regal audience lobby Jami Masjid and the elaborate marble crypt of Salim Chisti are some of its signature icons that are not to be missed in Fatehpur


Ayodhya, located on the river bank of Sarayu has eternal temples and it is said to be the city where Lord Rama was born. The tranquility of the city and the loveliness of the temples’ structure draw a very large number of tourists. The ancient city of Ayodhya, according to the Ramayana, was originated by Manu, the law-maker of the Hindus. For many centuries this place has been the capital of the descendants of the Surya Vansh of which Lord Rama was the most eminent king. Ayodhya during olden times was known as Kosaldesha. The Atharvaveda explains it as "a city built by gods and being as flourishing as heaven itself". Mathura – the birth place of Lord Krishna is another important city for Hindus. The ancient legend gyrating around the origin and the early days of Lord Krishna can be connected to this city and the sanctity of the city is an additional cause that brings in the crowd. Varanasi is the world’s ancient breathing city with 3000 years old history. Its Ghats are the most significant and harmonize the notion of holiness. With over 100 ghats on the bank of holy river Ganga, thousands of pilgrimage mob to immerse and offer prayers to the mounting sun.

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