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Meghalaya - Scotland of the East

Meghalaya hovering to the south of Assam is flourishing in gorgeous hills, amazing cascades, crystal clear lakes, orchids and beautiful butterflies. Habitually called the “Scotland of the East”, this place has lot to offer from the surging hills, meandering river and breathtaking flora and fauna is typically made for people of audacious spirits. The Capital of Meghalaya, Ward's Lake and Elephanta falls can charm any visitor. One can find plenty of tourist attractions in Meghalaya and are not just constrained to its breathtaking nature but its cultural tribes; their locale, arts & craft, the captivating Meghalayan grottos and its charming cities are of colossal tourist enthrallments.

Populated chiefly by the three ethnic groups, Shillong, the capital city is etched on an altitude of 1,496 meters above sea level portraying a charming vista. The man-made Ward's Lake which is situated at the middle of the city is a feast for one’s eyes. The paved sand stones lanes, the flower cradles, amusing lighting are just to name few. Numerous striking plants and a variety of unusual and multihued species of birds are found at the Botanical Garden. One can find huge Cathedral churches that it can accommodate a few thousand people at a time. And Shillong Cathedral is one such and it was the aspiration of the British origin fathers of the city of Shillong to make it a miniature England. Therefore many churches and cathedrals, of many sizes and features have sprung across Shillong. The large churches of Shillong are Shillong Cathedral, the Mawkhar Presbyterian Church, the Jaiaw Presbyterian Church, the Laitumkhrah Presbyterian Church and the All Saints' Cathedral which are also famous attractions of the City.

The Shillong Peak – one of the chief attractions of Meghalaya is 10 kmts from Shillong and at 1965 meters above sea level. It is the utmost summit in the state. Best suited for picnics, one gets to enjoy the paramount scenic beauty of the realm. Curtsy is paid to U Shulong at the workroom at the peak's pinnacle during springtime by religious chief priests. The Elephant Falls one of the beautiful falls that cascades over two following falls located in small valleys of lush green rocks is located at a distance of 12 kms on the fringes of Shillong, the waterfalls attract a lot of people. After a short stroll on the well maintained walkway and a tiny timber bridge, one gets to witness another two smaller waterfalls named Wei Laplam Falls and Wir Phang Falls.

Tura is the principal town in the Garo Hills district and an exclusive mount known as Tura peak plunked on the eastern boundary of Tura. From the crest, one gets to relish an extravagant view of the lower Brahmaputra vale also known the “Golden Yellow Plains of Bangladesh”. The height of the mountain is eight hundred and seventy two meters above sea level. Additionally to the picturesque beauty of the crest, there is an attraction of observatory, a visitor cottage and a Cinchona-plantation. It is popular in the city of Shillong for its small garden and boating. The accentuate of the lake is the domed viaduct over it and the tranquility of the place and the reflection on the water show up, a stunning and captivating vista is cherished for lifetime.

Cherrapunji, the main hotspot of Meghalaya, is a splendor of the hills not yet explore. Cherrapunji is hallowed to be the wettest part of the world, where bridges are not constructed but grown naturally! It’s the gift of the Mother Earth’s to mankind.  The Indian Rubber Tree is grown in large quantity. These trees produce secondary roots from higher up its stems and cheerfully elongate to the apex of huge rocks alongside the river. These root bridges, as old as 500 years, are so sturdy that they can easily withstand fifty people at once! As these trees are breathing and growing they turn out to be stronger by each passing day. Believe it or not, this place dwells a “Double Decker bridge”, one of its kind in the world, where two bridges are packed one over the other and are called “Umshiang double Decker Bridge Root Bridge.”

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