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Tripura – a minuscule marvel of the northeast India

Tripura, a small but glory state is one of the most attractive tourist destinations of northeast India. Tripura is one of the seven contagious sister states of northeast India that is famed for its unscathed natural beauty, grand picturesque views and diverse incredible monuments.  Tripura can be rightly called the tourist’s ecstasy with the verdant gorges and charming mountain ranges. The deep vales and picturesque dales will take your breath away. Tripura is also an ethnically loaded state. A diversity of fairs and festivities take place all through the year at Tripura. Most of Tripura is enclosed by forest ranges that comprise of trees, orchids, birds and wildlife. Tripura tenders outstanding scenario for green tourism.


Albeit Tripura descends under the sort of smaller states, it show offs of several tourist appeals in variety of gorgeous splendid palaces created by maharajas like the Ujjayanta Palace, Kunjaban Palace, wonderful rock-cut imprinting and pebble images the most well known being the Unakoti and Debatamura and celebrated temples such as Mata Tripureswari Temple, Fourteen Goddess Temple. Also Tripura is prominent for its lakes, wild life sanctuaries and tor ranges. The kingdom of Tripura can be divied into four districts – Dhalai District, North Tripura District, South Tripura District and West Tripura District.

This is the youngest district of Tripura. Over half of the state is mountainous and roofed with jungles. This ward is distinguished by picturesque forests, implausible natural beauty and extraordinary mount ranges. This locality is wealthy in natural resources. The famed Longtharai Mandir is situated at the Dhalai region. This temple is recognized for its natural loveliness and is also a place of fondness to thousands of people. Another famed temple in this region is the Kamaleswari temple. The main mount tracks here are Atharamura, Longtharai and Sakhantang. The major are rivers Manu, Dhalai and Khowai.

The chief places of lure in the northern district of Tripura are Jampui hill Unakoti Laxmi-Narayan Temple Sateramia Hawar at Kailashahar Purano Rajbari. The two mound array Jampui and sakan runs roughly corresponding to each other in the district. In the Jampui range resides the uppermost point of the state, "Betling Chip" which is 939 meters high. The major rivers are Longai and Juri. At Unakuti, rock carvings and temples as old as 8th century can be seen here.

The south Tripura region comprises of beautiful mount ranges and attractive rivers. Dumbur which is situated at Amarpur of the southern area is a famous spot for tourists in addition to a pilgrimage place for disciples. The Dumbur Lake is famous for its delightful splendor. The renowned temples present in the southern district are the Tripura Sundari Temple Bhuvaneswari Temple. Deotamura is the legendary for its range of mountains, called ‘the peak of god’. Relics dating back as of the 8th and 9th century can be witnessed at Pilak.

The district center of operations of the western region is situated at Agartala, which is also the capital of the State. Agartala is a renowned district of Tripura and a beloved amongst history geeks. The Ujjayanta Palace, cited prior in 1901 A.D. is a well-liked historical memorial. Kunjaban Palace is one more famous palace positioned just a few kilometers away from the Ujjayanta Palace. 

Malancha Niwas is a darling hot spot for travelers as it was just mire assembled abode back in 1919 A.D and this is the place where the eminent poet Tagore resided. Old Agartala or the fourteen goddess temple is still a memorable place amongst tourists and pilgrims. Shipahijala is a wild life sanctuary situated here branded for its charming scenery. Twijlikma is a famous lake in the Melaghar area.

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