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Mizoram - The land of the Blue Mountains

Crinkled amid the verdant green mountains, Mizoram is the youngest state in the Northeastern Corner of India. Previously known as the Lushai Hills, this petite land is bordered by Bangladesh and Tripura in the West and Burma in the East. Mizoram is a glittering fortune trove for the astute travelers with its remarkable display of cultures, festivities, dances, crafts, and affluent bionetwork. This stunning land of the “Blue Mountains” is scattered with sheer hills, wooded jungles, thriving dales, gushing waterfalls, and serene lakes, and proffers matchless harmony and calmness.


The third youngest state of the Indian Union, Mizoram is on the edge on the lofty hills of the north eastern crook of India, and Mizoram excursion gets you close to Bangladesh on the west and Myanmar on the east and south. Mizoram has the majority dappled mountainous terrain in the eastern India. The hills are abrupt, and alienated by rivers curving either to the north or south, forming deep vales amid the knoll ranges. This state is known for its magnificent landscape and wealthy biodiversity. Mizoram has an eternal diversity of countryside with rich bionetwork, collected of murmuring pines and picturesque hamlets with houses on stilts. The sparkling majesty of its dense sultry forests, green paddy fields and estimable vineyards illustrates the blessings of the Mother Nature that has been bestowed on Mizoram. 

Mizoram is hallowed with the nearly all multicolored undulating terrain in the eastern part of India. Nature has bequeathed Mizoram with several rivers like Tlawang, Sonai, Tuivai, Kolodyne and Karnafulli. The renowned river Tiu is the state line between India and Myanmar. Mizoram is a delicacy for any tourist while itinerant on the roads strolling through the deep forests and lively villages. 

Mizoram lies in the southernmost colony of North Eastern India, “the land of the Blue Mountains”. Manipur, Assam and Tripura connect the northern end of this petite isle of harmony with neighboring countries Myanmar and Bangladesh cuddling most of the state between them. Some of the imperative travel itineraries in Mizoram include Aizwal, the state’s capital and also Champai and Vantawang.

Aizwal is the most urbanized metropolis of Mizoram and is sanctified with picturesque scenery that formulates it an outstanding tourist hotspot. Aizwal is a tourist enchantment with modest temperature and magnificent landscape to relish. The metropolis is approximately a hundred years old and is deeply scattered with houses made of wood and cornucopia of flowers is laid on a rim which is roughly at an altitude of 4000 feet above sea level. Aizwal extravagances its tourists with a dramatic and charming view of the verdant emerald Tlwang river vale in the west and the Turial River vale in the east. 

Excluding the dazzling vistas of the beauty of Mother Nature, the metropolis also houses Museum on Mcdonald hill, Zarkawt, whose compilation of attires, artifacts and historical relics which depict the ethnicity and history of this handsome state. Additionally to all this tourism spots, the metropolis is also similarly urbanized commercially building it the prevailing capital of the state.  Another main tourism lure in Mizoram is Champai which is also known as the ‘Fruit Bowl of Mizoram’, as it is known for its wine production. It is tenaciously situated beside the Indo-Myanmar boundary and is also a busy commercial center. Champhai has a milieu of rich legacy, dotted in small villages and townships sprinkled with memorials and monoliths.

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