Nagaur Fair, Cattle Fair


The Naguar fair is held in the state of Rajasthan. This is mainly cattle fair which will be celebrated for eight days. This fair will be continued till the months of January and February. This cattle fair is said to be the second largest cattle fairs in Rajasthan. This fair is held in the town called Naguar and the nature in this town is very attractive. There are around 70,000 animals in the fair. This fair is very large and the animals are decorated grandly. The people who sell the animals will also deck themselves. In between the fair there are many types of sports held, like the camel race, cock fight, tug or war and bullock races for the people who have newly come to the place. There are many types of entertainments such as the jugglers, story tellers and puppeteers.


Folk music sung here will entertain many people. The nearest airport for this place is Jodhpur which is more than 135 Kms from Naguar. Road ways and railways are connected to this town and Bullock looks very healthy, the buyers are normally attracted to the fitness of bullock. There are lot of bargains, talking which takes place between the customer and the owner. They will come to a settlement at one point and the customer will turn into a buyer.


Lot more entertainment can be found during the evening and night times. The music will be echoing through the desert of Rajasthan. As there are good roadways and railways that links the town to different cities, large no of people gather to celebrate the fair. Many people from all over the world will come here to participate in this fair and the animals are decorated in an attractive manner and also they are sold at reasonable rates. Bargains may fetch good animals for lesser rate.


Not only colors but the animals are decorated with many types of accessories. The biggest Mirchi bazaars are seen in this market. The mirchi growers will organize the mirchi bazaar and the people from all over India come here to buy the chilies.  Other items which are sold in the fair are the iron crafts, camel leather accessories and wooden handicraft items. Not only cattle fair, there many other types of amusements held in this part of the town. The fair will be a little far away from the town and so the people will have a lot of place for selling animals.


The peace of the desert is disturbed by the music and the fair. The people will enjoy the climate of the desert in the night also. There will be camp fire which will keep them warm. The people who come to the fair will have a lot for entertainments. There are different delicacies of the region. People will get the native delicacies for a cheaper rate. The chilies will be fresh from the nearby farms and there are dried chilies also. There are different types of chilies sold here. Naguar fair is mainly the cattle fair.

When: Feb 13-16, 2016

Duration: 4 Days

Where: Rajasthan

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