Govardhan Puja, Anakut



Diwali give an opportunity for the family to get together. People from everywhere will come to India to see the festival. This is a chance to pray god and also have a good time with the family. Each and every year this festival comes back with all the merry. Diwali is celebrated actually for five days. First day it is for the precious ornaments made of gold and silver. The second day is the Naraka chaturdasi where the demon was killed and the darkness is won by the light. The third day is the no moon day where the Diwali is celebrated. The fourth day is the day of the Govardhan puja. The other name of this puja is Anakut. On this day there is a story where Lord Krishna defeated Lord Indra. A large pile of food will be decorated which symbolizes the lifting of Govardhan Giri by Lord Krishna. The cows are decorated and worshipped in this puja.


There are many traditional stories which are told in relationship with the Govardhan puja. Vaman is the avatar of Lord Vishnu. In this avatar Lord Vishnu had gone to the court of King Bali, He asked for three steps of land. King Bali happily consented for this. But Vamana grew so big and his feet occupied the sky for one step and second step was occupied for the ground. Then the lord asked where to keep the third step then King Bali told him to keep on his head. Vamana avatar pushed the king into Pataal. This was the story of the aura King Bali. It is a belief that King Bali will come on this particular day to speculate his subjects. To show that his subjects are happy, Diwali is celebrated with great pomp and show. Enjoying is the only mantra of Diwali. Many sweets are made in the house and crackers are fired. Everyone elders and youngsters will enjoy this festival.


There are many diyas lighted all around the house to make the house look bright for the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi. Diwali is other wise called the festival of lights.


All over India Govardhan Puja is celebrated on the next day of Diwali. Especially in the capitals the festivals will be celebrated with great pomp and show. People who like to look into the celebrations of the festival can travel all over India and see the people celebrating the festival. There are Diyas near the house and the crackers will be lighted to give the festive look. There is gender or age difference for the celebration of the festival. Every one can enjoy this festival. Pray to Goddess Lakshmi for getting wealth and health. People who have gone abroad also will return in the Diwali time for celebrating the festival with their family members. This day is considered to be the auspicious day and many business deals and ventures will be opened on this day. People give sweets to each other to remark their relationship. People have a strong belief that Goddess Lakshmi will bless them on this day.

When: Oct 31, 2016

Duration: 1 Day

Where: India

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