Kolkata Festival, A Grand Music Festival - Dover lane music festival


Kolkata Festival is an Indian classical musical festival which is held every year in the centrally located open air auditorium in south Kolkata. It is a festival of fun and frolic makes the festival a lively occasion. It is a four day festival and draws large crowds from all over the country. The ‘Kolkata Festival’ is marked as an important cultural and traditional event of the year in Kolkata. It is seen that eminent musicians perform in this prestigious event. Apart from the famous musicians even the youngsters who have a plethora of talent are encouraged to perform in this festival. Hence the tickets available for this festival are sold out within a few days of them being made available. The main aim of this prestigious festival is to recognize the classical music and promote the traditional talent of India which seems to be lost in the recent times.


The Kolkata Festival began in the year 1952 for the classical music lovers in Kolkata. As the time passed by the event has grown and has included a number of performances by famous artists. The event lasts for four days in the month January. Earlier the event was organized only in the evenings but now days because of the repeated requests by the audiences the event is through out the day and the evenings. The ‘Kolkata Festival’ is considered as a heritage event for the past 50 years. It is a great platform for the younger generation as they get the best exposure which would not be so easy otherwise. Music is always seen as a hobby by many people in India, hence ‘The Kolkata Festival’ gives a positive inclination to the youngsters who love music and who want to take it as their profession. Each and every day is filled with fun and frolic and exhibits different genres of classical music. Each year the number of visitors is increasing by a huge number and that is because the organizers are doing a commendable job in making the event popular. The Kolkata Festival is known as a musical night and attracts music lovers of all age to make this festival come alive in the busy streets of Kolkata.


The Kolkata Festival is an enjoyable event and is known for the spirits of the musical artists participating in the event. The festival inculcates interest in music and art in the minds of the people. Though ‘Kolkata Festival’ is mainly known for its music events, it also includes various dance forms of Kolkata and the Eastern part of India. Another main feature of the ‘Kolkata Festival’ is the ethnic food stalls displaying the delicious Bengali cuisine and the mouth watering sweets where the visitors enjoy drooling over them again and again. The festival also has a number of amusement games which makes the festival even more interesting. Hence it can be said that “The Kestival ” is a four day colorful event with plenty of activities, live Hindustani and carnatic  music, folk dances all highlighting the life, culture, and tradition of the people of West Bengal.


It is also known as Dover lane music festival.

When: Jan 22-25, 2016

Duration: 4 Days

Where: Kolkata

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