Taj Mahotsav, Festival of Art, Crafts, Culture & Cuisine


Taj Mahotsav Festival is held in the month of Feb/March. This is celebrated in shipgram which is towards the eastern gate of Taj Mahal. This festival will take place for about ten days. Here there s a deep introduction to the Indian culture. The people from different parts of the country come here to perform. There are different cultures, dances, music, cuisines and arts which are displayed in this festival. The background of Taj Mahal and the Indian culture will give great importance for the festival. This festival is held mainly by the UP tourism. To increase the number of tourists this festival is held. The culture of India is fairly promoted during this festival.


Arts, music, cuisines and also dances are promoted well during this festival. The people who come to Agra will also join this fair as they are in the nearer place. There are many visitors from inside the country and outside the country. The festival starts with a beautiful procession. Large groups of camels and horses are found in the procession and the animals are decked with many types of accessories. The procession contains drum beaters, folk artists and also craftsmen, whereas, the craft work here is very popular. The artisans will have many art works that they get at reasonable rates.


The procession will also remind the Mughal Emperors. The artisans from all over the country will travel to sell their master pieces. The people who buy also will come to this festival and get many crafts which are unique and will not be available in any part of the world. The brass and wood handicrafts and the carpets are very popular in this festival. The people who like to decorate their house with such master pieces can buy them. All the artisan specialties from all over the country will reach this festival. The people who attend the festival will really like the purchases of the handicrafts.


The artists will perform in this festival platform. The audience will be from different parts of the country. They will give marvelous performance. Their talent will be recognized by the people after this festival. The folk dance is very attractive with the colorful dresses. The people who see to these performances will surely like it for its charisma. The food festival is most attractive for many people who attend this festival. The delicacies from different parts of the country will be available in this fair.


The elders can participate in the cultural programs. The children will go for the food festival. The will have many rides which are really fun to go. There is roller coaster and merry go round. The children will really like to spend the time here. A visit to the historical places will also be a memorable one. The people from all over the world will come to see the Taj Mahal which is one of the wonder of the world. This festival will fill the city of Agra into colorful world. The people will dress in colorful attires which is very attractive.

When: Feb 18-27, 2016

Duration: 10 Days

Where: Agra

Specially Celebrated in: Agra

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