Kerala Village Fair, A Nostalgic Experience


‘A Kerala Village Fair’ or a ‘Gramam’ represents the replica of a traditional Kerala style village. In Malyalam, ‘Gramam’ means village. The ‘Kerala Village Fair’ is well-known for recreating the ‘Nalukettu’ which is supposed to be the luxurious home of the upper-class in Kerala. The folk dances and the music festivities are held in the huge open to air auditorium in the backdrop of the ‘Nalukettu’. Astrologers, artisans, and sorcerers are also an important part of the fair as they give a glimpse of Kerala’s rich history to the visitors. The main intention of this Fair is to keep alive the bygone era of ethnic charm and rustic simplicity of Kerala. The ‘Kerala Village Fair’ is a 10 day long event held every year in mid January to celebrate the traditional heritage, customs and culture of Kerala. This fair is set up at the Kovalam beach and the Marine drive in Ernakulam


The Kerala Village Fair is a combination of many cultural events amidst the ‘Nalukettu’. The ‘Nalukettu’ is a mansion built in typical Kerala’s architectural style. Wood and tiles are used massively to recreate the houses in which the most important feature is the open to air courtyard. The Ethnic Jewelry, Priceless Furniture in Mahogany, Teak, and Sandalwood, Exquisite paintings, Spice Bowls, and the Shields and Swords worn by men, half a century ago are displayed inside the ‘Nalukettu’; also the old musical instruments, Majestic four Poster Beds, Palmyra Fans and house-hold utensils are displayed to replicate the olden days. Outside every house, one can see a beautiful floral decorations and a ‘Pookolam’ made of a variety of flowers that adds to the beauty of the courtyard. The ‘Nalukettu’ looks mesmerizing when the beautiful ladies dressed in the rich traditional attire of Kerala perform the ‘Thiruvathirakali’ around a tall brass lamp. In the evenings, every dance form like Mohiniyatum, Kathakali, and some folk dances like Oppana are performed in the open air auditorium of the ‘Kerala Village Fair’. The other performances include the martial art form, and some folk arts like Pavakkothu, Panchayadyam, Bahajans, Theyyam, kakkarisi Natakam, Pulikali etc.


The Kerala Village Fair not only showcases the traditional forms of art but is also famous for it ‘Chayakada’ which means the village tea shop which offers authentic Kerala Food. The delicious ‘Kappa’, ‘Meen’ which is nothing but steamed tapioca with fish curry and ‘Puttu’ which is a form of  steamed crushed rice cake served with a type of lentil dish, are the fast selling and the favorites of the visitors. The ‘Kamalagramam’ which is the artisan’s enclave is filled with traditional artifacts of Kerala including jewelry and handicrafts. Here, one can also watch the talented craftsmen working on traditional spinning wheels and handlooms. One can shop for souvenir, ethnic objects of Kerala, Jewelry boxes intricately designed, and some antique priceless furniture. Hence, it can be said that “The Kerala Village Fair” is a ten day colorful event that encompasses plenty of activities, live music, dance, and exhibition all highlighting the life, culture, and tradition of the people of Kerala.

When: Jan 15-24, 2016

Duration: 10 Days

Where: Kochi, Kovalam

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