Dehing Patkai Festival, A Cultural Extravaganza


The “Dehing Patkai” Festival is a festival that showcases the Assamese tribal culture. Assam is a home for a number of tribes and among them there are around 20 tribes which actively take part in the cultural festival of “Dehing Patkai”. The tribes exhibit their traditional dance and music forms along with fashion and games. The main aim of this festival is to preserve the native culture and tradition of the Assamese tribes and at the same time attract tourism. The “Dehing Patkai” festival is organized amidst the beautiful and serene landscape of the River Dehing and the picturesque mountain range of Patkai. The cultural festival of “Dehing Patkai” is celebrated in the Tinushkia district of Assam which is considered to be one of the most mesmerizing parts of India. The Festival is not only a display of cultural activities but also is an invigorating mix of tribal fairs, golfing, adventure sports, tea heritage tours, and wild life trips.


The “Dehing Patkai” Festival was organized and started by the Government of Assam in the year 2002 which aims at providing the tourists with unlimited fun and feast. The festival is organized for a few days to display the rich culture of Assam and allows the tourists and visitors to participate in a wide range of sports activities. The adventure sports like parasailing, kayaking, angling are organized in the scattered islands on the banks of the River Brahmaputra. The elite classes of people are usually busy playing golf and the children are excited to take an excursion and experience the true wild life of Assam. Visitors also get a chance to take an elephant safari and take walk into the wildness. The Festival “Dehing Patkai” takes utmost care to preserve and save the forest of the state. Increasing the awareness among the tribes and villagers in Assam is also a highlight to the festival. The Festival includes an interesting part which offers a trip to the Second World War cemeteries which contribute to the history. This trip also includes a visit to the Stilwell Road which is said to be the famous route to the golden land of Mynamar once upon a time.


The “Dehing Patkai” Festival is not only famous for its traditional dance and music but also for its Food Festival which offers a wide range of local delicacies. A  Craft ‘Mela” is organized for the craftsmen to display their beautiful pieces of art work at reasonable prices. Artisans from all over the state of Assam get this golden opportunity to market their artifacts and crafts that are usually not found in the crafts emporia to the tourists who never miss to take back sweet souvenirs. The traditional Assamese village set up at the festival site gives an insight of the unique lifestyles of different tribes of Assam all at one place. Hence it can be said that “The Dehing Patkai Festival” is a colorful culturally rich event which encompasses plenty of activities, live music, dance, and exhibition all highlighting the life, culture, and tradition of the people of Assam.

When: Jan 16-18, 2016

Duration: 3 Days

Where: Assam

Specially Celebrated in: Assam

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