Kartika Purnima, Full Moon Day of Month of Karthik


The full moon day of the month of karthik in the Hindu calendar is the Kathika Purnima. The other name of Karthik purnima is Tripuri Purnima. There is a story which tells that a demon called Tripuri was killed by lord Shiva. It is auspicious to take a dip in the River Ganga on this day. There is a tradition of leaving the lamps into the river. Hindus will believe that this will take them to salvation. Hindus believe that the people who chant gods name on this day will surely get their desires fulfilled.


Sathya Narayan pooja is performed on this day. In the temples and also under the peepal trees the lamps or diyas are lit. Hindus believe that prayers which are offered on this day will be fruitful. People go to the holy rivers and take bath and offer prayers. They believe that the prayers offered after taking the dip will fulfill sooner. This month is considered to be the sacred month to take a dip and the person who takes bath will attain salvation. There are scientific reasons also for this belief as there are seasonal changes which will affect the river. Taking bath in this particular month will give more positive energy and improves the health of the person.


People will do a lot of charity on this day and charity done is like doing Ashvamedha Yagya. If charities are made on this day the person is believed to attain salvation. Kathik purnima is one of the auspicious full moon days of the year. Charities will carry a lot of importance on this day. The person who does charity on this day is considered to be close to Lord Shiva. There are many sacred rivers all over India. Hindus will go to all the sacred rivers nearby and take a holy dip. This will improve their health and they will get fruitful results in their life. Hindus will not eat fish, meat or egg in this month. The whole month it is good to go to  temple everyday.

The last five days of this month of Karthik is considered to be very sacred. They will celebrate the month of karthik as a pious month. The last five days people will surely go to the temple everyday and do fasting. On the day of Kartika Purnima the Hindus will go to the temple and offer prayers and loud chanting. In Orissa the people in olden days would go on boats and ships to far off lands. The women of the community will give a colorful farewell. This is the day they will celebrate that old glory. The people of Orissa will leave small ships into the water in remembrance of the old tradition.


On the banks of Mahanadi in Cuttack there are fairs held and the bank is really live on this day. They will celebrate this festival by chanting the prayers and boating is there on the moon lit nights. This is really enjoyable ending for a month. Karthik is considered as one of the auspicious months of the year.

When: Nov 14, 2016

Duration: 1 Day

Where: India

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