Marwar Festival, Also known as Maand


Marwar festival popularly known as “Maand” festival is celebrated in the month of October every year in memory of heroes of Rajasthan. This is celebrated for two days. The events organized during this festival showcase the art and culture of the Marwar region. This Marwar festival of Jodhpur is mainly dedicated to the heroes of Rajasthan. According to Hindu calendar it falls on the Ashwin month on full-moon of sharaad- poornima.


This festival is devoted to music and dance of Jodhpur. Folk dancers gather at a place and perform with great zest. This Rajasthani folk fare will entertain the great number of audience. The artists of the Marwar region sing and dance in memory of brave heroes of Rajasthan. Small fete is organized by the Rajasthan tourism where one can find the skills of craftsman. Competitions and activities like horse riding and polo are also held on these days. The performances carried out on these days will bring to life the myths and legends of the area. 


This festival is celebrated in memory to the brave heroes of medieval periods. Jodhpur in Rajasthan state is founded by Rao Jodha the descendant of the Rama the great hero of Ramayana in 1459 A.D. later in the 15th century A.D Mehrangarh fort looms on top of the rocky hills which is 125mts above the ground surface. The city is also encompassed with 10mts high wall with 8 gates and number of bastions.


The festival is to praise die-hard courage of the Rajputs.  Rajputs are the sons of royal houses. This festival recreates the by-gone era. The forts of Jodhpur are decorated on this day. The performances that take place here are originated in this area and is so called Marwar festival.  Folk dancers give an outstanding performance balancing earthen pots on their heads according to the rhythm of the music and the songs sung. This  will entertain every one assembled there. It is not only celebrated in Jodhpur but also in Mandore which is 8km away from Jodhpur. Mandore was traditionally the capital city of Marwar.

This festival is celebrated in a grand manner in Sun City Jodhpur and Mandore. Visiting these places in the month of October will give you the taste of Rajasthan state’s art and culture.


Jodhpur: Mehrangarh fort and Umaid Bhawan Palace are the most visited places during this festival. These forts are the symbols of courage and valour of Rajputs. People of this area gather at these places and give live performances which bring by-gone era to life. The city is illuminated with lights and the forts are decorated during this festival. Several activities and competitions also take place during this festival. Enthralling music reverberate the open skies.


Mandore: Marwar festival is celebrated with great fan fare in Mandore. Mandore gardens provide perfect venue for the Marwar festival. This Mandore garden is home to the shrine of three hundred million gods. This festival gives an opportunity to the tourists to interact with the local people and know more about the culture and tradition of Marwar.

When: Oct 15-16, 2016

Duration: 2 Days

Where: Rajasthan

Specially Celebrated in: Jodhpur, Rajasthan

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