Feast of Three Kings, Grand Gala Time


In Goa the Christmas and the feast of three kings are the most celebrated festivals. Even the Hindus here celebrate these festivals. All religions join the celebrations of these festivals. The whole place will be turned into a celebrating arena. The churches here also will have many shows, celebrations and merry makings. During Christmas, Lord Jesus is worshipped. The cribs are decorated Baby Jesus in the crib will be very cute to see in all the churches. The decorations are colorful and the families will enjoy this occasion. The gifts are exchanged and there are a lot of local dishes prepared which is enjoyed by the people.


The birthday of Jesus is celebrated by the reunion of the family. The churches and the houses will be equally decorated everywhere with the Christmas tree and also lights. Night times will be the best to see Goa decorated. The houses and the churches will glow with lights. The friends will come together and enjoy the festival together. People from all over India and also from all over the world will come here to enjoy the gala time. There is another festival celebrated with this festival that is the feast of three kings. Lady Mount hailed to protect the people. This is celebrated on the feast of three kings.


The Virgin idol is decorated and the people will pray to seek her blessings. The villages like Quelim, Reis Magos, Cansaulim, Arrosim and Chandor celebrate this festival with pomp and show. Three boys are selected to be the kings who carry the gifts to the new born Lord Jesus. The boys will be dressed like royals and they travel to the chapel from different parts of the city. They are supposed t meet on a top of a hill and then travel to give more presents and wealth to baby Jesus.


Feast of three kings is very important and significant too. Crowds of people join to celebrate this festival. As soon as the function is over the people will disappear from the Church and the church will remain shut until the next celebration. This feast is mainly offered to the Lady Mount who protects the people. The women who do not have children will believe that this mother will surely bless them to have children. So many childless women will arrive to her chapel and pray for the blessing of children.


This festival is celebrated in the north and the south of Goa. This occasion is for nine days and will end at 12 PM with a mass on the hill. The sounds of feet and human voices will resound again. All the religions will participate in the mass in the chapel. They will pray of the guidance and blessings of the lady of Mount. Lady of Mount is decorated with the incense sticks, garlands, jewelry and candles are offered. She is considered to protect the people in all the difficulties. After the festival there is a fair and many things spring all over the top of the hill.

When: Aug 15, 2015

Duration: 1 Day

Where: Goa

Specially Celebrated in: Goa

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