National Kite Festival, A Great Festival of Kites


Fourteenth of January is the Makara Sankranthi of the Hindu calendar. This day is celebrated as the kits festival in Jaipur. The sky is filled with all colored kites. The kites willful the sky and give a special look to the sky.  The pink monuments of Jaipur with the kites will look very good. This international kite’s day is celebrated for three days and is enjoyed by all the people. The people from all over the world will come here to enjoy the festival. This festival is celebrated near the polo ground and can be divided as the friendly kites’ session and the kite war session.


The kites’ war is like by all and they enjoy this thrilling show. The people who come to the show have to participate with the kites. People from all over the world will come to see this colorful show with great interest. The kite festival takes place in the Umaid Bhawan Palace Lawns. The whole city will enjoy the sight of the colorful kites flying in the clear skies. The paper kites look very attractive. Jaipur will celebrate every festival with colors. The religion is not at all seen. All the festivals will be celebrated with the same show.


The festivals are celebrated for different reasons. The reason may be because of the relationships or for the seasons. Everything will be celebrated with great enthusiasm. The people of Jaipur will feel that the festivals are the integral part of their lives. The celebration of the festival will take place with great festive looks. The kite festival is unique and it has all the colors flying in the air. Jodhpur and Jaipur will celebrate this kit festival. The festival will get its glory when all the kits fly high up in the air. The people who like kites will surely like this festival.


Hindus believe that the Sun travel towards North from the day of Makara Sankranthi. The People, who take holy bath in river Galtaji, will pray Sun God for good health and wealth. They believe that crops yield well, when they pray for Sun God. The Pink City with the sky full of colorful kites will be a feast to the eyes and due to holiday, the people of Jaipur will enjoy this day. Banks work, but shops are shut and all the people will have the mood of celebrating the festival.


There are many kite clubs that organize the kite flying competition. The people will make sweets like Til Ke Laddu, Gajak and Feeni that is famous in Jaipur. There are many things to see in this city. The tourists can go on package tours to the nearby sightseeing places. There are magnificent palaces here. The places are attractive and the native food is very tasty. People from all over the world will come here to enjoy this season. It is a feast to the eyes to see a huge number of kites flying in the sky at a time.

When: Jan 15, 2016

Duration: 1 Day

Where: Ahmedabad, Jaipur

Specially Celebrated in: Gujarat, Rajasthan

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