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Budapest Historical Museum Heritage, Pilgrim

Famous for: Museum

The Budapest Historical Museum (Budapesti Történeti Múzeum; City Museum; Castle Museum) is housed in the south arm of the fortress. It contains extremely interesting documents...

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Budapest Hungarian National Museum Heritage

Famous for: Museum

The name of the Széchenyi family is one that crops up again and again in the history of Budapest in the 19th C, and it was Count Ferenc Széchenyi who founded the National Museum in...

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Budapest Museum Of Fine Arts Heritage

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

Apart from the National Gallery, the Museum of Fine Arts is the most significant and ample art collection in Budapest and one of the biggest galleries with works by old masters to be found anywh...

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Obuda Aquincum Heritage

Famous for: Museum

The relics of the Roman town of Aquincum, founded in the 1st C AD on the west bank of the Danube - now on Szentendrei utca - have been methodically excavated since the 1870s. A substantial part ...

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Obuda Kiscelli Museum Heritage, Pilgrim

Famous for: Art and Antiques

Kiscelli is a part of Obuda in which the Counts of Zichy constructed a chapel in 1724, followed by a monastery in the 1740s. Its name is connected to a copy of the miracle-working statue of the ...

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Pecs Janus Pannonius Museum Heritage

Famous for: Museum

The various departments of the Janus Pannonius Municipal Museum are dispersed amongst a number of buildings in the town center. The Archaeological Department is housed in an 18th C plait style e...