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Hungary Monuments

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Gellert Hill Liberation Monument Land, Heritage

Famous for: Monument

The Liberation Monument was built in 1947 in memory of the Soviet soldiers who died combating the Nazis in the Second World War; in spite of a distorted historical awareness it has become an ico...

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Budapest Hungarian National Museum Heritage

Famous for: Museum

The name of the Széchenyi family is one that crops up again and again in the history of Budapest in the 19th C, and it was Count Ferenc Széchenyi who founded the National Museum in...

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Budapest Margaret Island Entertainment, Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

Margaret Island (Margit-sziget), barely 2.5km long and up to 0.5km long, is certainly the main local amusement and recuperative center for the people of Budapest. Thermal springs, feeding the me...

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Budapest Museum Of Fine Arts Heritage

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

Apart from the National Gallery, the Museum of Fine Arts is the most significant and ample art collection in Budapest and one of the biggest galleries with works by old masters to be found anywh...

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Obuda Heritage

Famous for: Palace

Until its amalgamation with Buda and Pest in 1872, Óbuda was a rather sleepy little township, and in spite of significant rebuilding and renovation it has still managed to retain somethin...

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Aquincum Amphitheater Of The Roman Military Town Heritage

Famous for: Buildings

Amphitheaters In the 2nd C A.D. the Romans constucted a huge amphitheater for their military camp at Aquincum. The remains on the present-day Korvin Ottó utca were excavated in 1940. The ...

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Pecs Cathedral Precincts Heritage

Famous for: Monuments

In the northwest corner of the once fortified Old Town of Pécs lie the cathedral zones with a number of significant buildings and historical monuments. Below the minster square and in the...

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Pecs Oldest House Heritage

Famous for: Old House

The oldest house in the township is first mentioned in the township records as having been the provost's house in 1324. It is probable that the vaulted doorway and the first-floor casement, ...