Aquincum Amphitheater of the Roman Military Town, Hungary - Buildings


Amphitheaters In the 2nd C A.D. the Romans constucted a huge amphitheater for their military camp at Aquincum. The remains on the present-day Korvin Ottó utca were excavated in 1940. The stadium, built on an elliptical plan, was 429feet long and 351feet broad, and had room for several thousand spectators who could enjoy battle games here as well as other spectacles. Some historians are of the view that the Magyars used this theater as a citadel in the 9th and 10th C when they occupied the country. In 1880 and 1937 the ruins of the amphitheater of the civil town of Aquincum were exposed diagonally opposite the chief excavation site. On the opposite side of the road can be seen a reinstated section of the antique town fortifications.

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