Obuda Kiscelli Museum, Hungary - Art and Antiques

Museum, Monastery, Art Gallery

Kiscelli is a part of Obuda in which the Counts of Zichy constructed a chapel in 1724, followed by a monastery in the 1740s. Its name is connected to a copy of the miracle-working statue of the Virgin Mary of Mariazell, a place of pilgrimage in Austria, which is housed in the chapel. In the early 20th C the former Trinitarian monastery was procured by an Austrian lover of art and antiques who had the Baroque doorway from a Jesuit church in Vienna removed and re-erected here. There is now a branch of the Budapest Historical Museum in the previous monastery, which houses the owner's art collection and also documents and objects illustrating the business and edifying life of Obuda, Buda and Pest since the end of period of Turkish occupation.

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