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Best Season & Best time to visit Hungary

Generally, winters in Hungary are cold, gloomy and damp or windy, and summers are warm - at times very hot. July and August are the hottest months with average temperature being 26°C and January the coldest with average temperature being -4°C. The number of hours of sunshine averages between 1900 and 2500 a year - among the highest in Europe. The average yearly precipitation is about 650mm. Hungary has a temperate climate with three climatic zones so there is a certain amount of variation transversely the country: Mediterranean in the south, Continental in the east and Atlantic in the west.

To the side from being cold and often unwelcoming winter sees museums and other tourist sites closed or their hours sharply curtailed. Even though it can be pretty wet in April and May, spring is just splendid throughout Hungary. The weather is generally mild and - a boon for independent travelers. The Hungarian summer is warm, sunny and strangely long, and the resorts can get very crowded in late July and August. As elsewhere in Europe, Budapest and other Hungarian cities come to a grinding cut short in August, which Hungarians conventionally call 'the cucumber-growing season'. Autumn is gorgeous, mostly in the hills around Budapest and in the Northern Uplands. In Transdanubia and on the Great Plain it is harvest and vintage time. November is one of the rainiest months of the year in certain parts of the nation.

Best Season : July to August. Temperature: Summer 16 to 27°C, Winter -4 to 16°C

Monthly Hungary Weather

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