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Brussels Belgian Royal Museum Of Fine Arts Heritage

Famous for: Museum and Arts

Belgium's Royal Museum of Fine Arts (1875-81), one of the biggest and paramount art galleries in the world, extends for some distance alongside the Rue de la Régence (Regentschapsstra...

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Brussels Royal Art And History Museum Heritage

Famous for: Arts and Museum

The Royal Art and History Museum occupying the south wing of the Palais is split into two main sections: Mediterranean culture from early history to antiquity and Belgian pre- and early history,...

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Antwerp Butchers Hall Heritage

Famous for: Arts and Museum

The stylish rooms of the late Gothic Vleeshu is in the Vleeshouwerstraat comprise the previous council assembly room of the butchers' society. The imposing brick structure, built in 1501-04,...

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Bruges Memling Museum Heritage

Famous for: Memling museum

Occupying the previous chapel is the Memling museum where six beautiful masterpieces by Hans are on view, each a pearl of Old Flemish art. Exceptional even among these is the Reliquary of St Urs...

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Liege Heritage

Famous for: Liege Museums

Liège is one of those cities people adore or detest. Lounged along the Meuse River about 90km east of Brussels, it’s the Ardennes’ biggest city and the capital of its own terr...

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La Roche En Ardenne Heritage

Famous for: Museums an Art

La Roche is an attractive and pulsating little town, concealed in a deep valley, crowned by a bust citadel and bounded by green hills. It cuddles a fusion in the Ourthe River, 30-odd kilometres ...

Must See
Tournai Heritage, Pilgrim

Famous for: Most Spectacular Churches

As regional towns in Wallonia go, Tournai is distinctly lovely. Located on the Scheldt River, just 10km from the French border and 80km from Brussels, its air is noticeably French and it offers ...