Travel Within Belgium


Belgium’s public transport is top-notch and all of its highways are toll free. Within Flanders you have numerous choices for local transport. You can of course walk or ride a bike to most places. The cheapest way to travel on De Lijn, the bus and tram service is with a “lijnkaart” which is 9 euros for a 10 trip pass. You authenticate it using the little yellow box on the bus or tram. For the rail service in Belgium the use of a Go Pass is your best bet if you are under 26. The Rail Pass is for people over 26 years old, and like the Go Pass, it allows you 10 one-way trips to anywhere from anywhere in Belgium for a low cost.


Car rental in Belgium is offered in most large cities and can be found for as cheap as 25 euros a day. You are normally required to be 21 years old and hold a valid driver’s license renowned in Belgium, but definite rules are varied. Belgium’s motorway network is outstanding with, generally, an easy flow of traffic from one side of the country to the other. There are exceptions of itinerary: peak-hour traffic pounds to a halt on the ring roads around Brussels and Antwerp.