Bruges Basilica of the Holy Blood, Belgium - Holy Blood Church, Monastery

Church, Monastery

In the southern corner of the quadrangle to the right of the town hall and neighboring to it, stands the two-storied Heiligbloedbasiliek (Basilica of the Holy Blood). Kept inside the church is a sparkler vial supposed to contain a drop of Christ's blood brought back from the Sacred Land by Dietrich of Alsace in 1149 on his return from the Second Crusade. From this has originated the customary Procession of the Holy Blood when each year in May the holy remnant is carried throughout the streets of Bruges. The frontage of the basilica with its three Flamboyant-style arches and gilded figurines were built between 1529 and 1534. The church consists of a Romanesque lower chapel and late Gothic upper chapel.

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