Antwerp International Port, Belgium - Capesize Ships


The Port of Antwerp is second only to Rotterdam among the chief seaports of Europe, completely explanatory its claim to be one of the biggest in the world. The haven installations alone cover an area of more than 10,000ha/25,000 acres, with further 3,400ha/9,300 acres of land in industrial use. A total of 124km/77miles of wharves offer berthing for sea-going ships and local craft, while 387 wharf cranes, 12 floating cranes, 19 loading gantries and 20 container lifts handle their freights. Access to the quay basins from the Scheldt is via six sea-locks on the east bank and one on the west, among the former being the cubic capacity 613,000cu.m/733,150cu.yd and the 765,000cu.m/914,940cu.yd, the largest padlock in the world, opened in 1989.

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