Boating in Sundarbans, West Bengal

Sundarbans Boating

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Must See
Sundarbans National Park Land, Nature, Water

Famous for: Wildlife sanctuary, tiger reserve

Adorned as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sundarbans National Park is a highly acclaimed wildlife sanctuary and tiger reserve in India. Located at the place where the sea meets the land at ...

Must See
Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary Nature, Water

Famous for: Regional and migratory birds

Nestled between the Rivers Peechkali and Gomati, this beautiful bird sanctuary lies adjacent to the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve. Home to a variety of regional and migratory bird species, it is one ...

Must See
Piyali Entertainment, Nature, Water

Famous for: A small river serving as gateway to Sunderbans

Piyali is the gateway to Sundarbans and is at a distance of about 70 km from Kolkata by road. This small river of Piyali flows through the green paddy fields of the region and confluences with R...

Kanak Entertainment, Nature, Water

Famous for: Home to Oliver Ridley Turtles

Dotted with shallow waters and pristine beaches, Kanak is a heavenly place for the Oliver Ridley Turtles in Sundarbans. During the breeding season, these turtles migrate across several places in...

Halliday Island Entertainment, Nature, Water

Famous for: A beautiful isand with richness of wildlife

Situated at the south of the Tiger Reserve in Sundarbans, the Halliday Island is a beautiful place for the visitors where they can spot the Barking Deer. Nearby it is located the Lothian Island ...

Hiran Point Entertainment, Nature, Water

Famous for: Amazing natural beauty, tiger spotting

Located on the southern tip of Sundarbans, Hiran Point is a popular tourist attraction in the region. Enveloped by water bodies on the three sides, it is also known as Nilkamal. This beautiful s...