Sundarbans Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Sundarbans

The climate of Sundarbans is generally pleasant and soothing, however the best time to visit the place is from October to March.


Summers last from March to May and are quite hot with maximum temperature soaring up to 42 degree C. The month of March is good to enjoy the jungle activities in Sundarbans but rest of the summer months are not considered good for tourism due to hot weather.


Winters are from November to February and are pleasant with temperature ranging from 10 degree C to 34 degree C. it is an ideal time to visit the sanctuary and to enjoy the different activities there.


Monsoon begins from June and lasts till September accompanied by heavy rainfall. The scenic beauty of the forest becomes very alluring but due to heavy downpours, it is not a good time to visit the Sundarbans.

Best Season : Sep to Mar. Temperature: Summer 20 to 42°C, Winter 9 to 32°C

Monthly Sundarbans Weather

Month Mar best time to visit sundarbans Apr best time to visit sundarbans May best time to visit sundarbans Jun best time to visit sundarbans Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan best time to visit sundarbans Feb best time to visit sundarbans
Weather Condition sundarbans-weather-in-Mar sundarbans-weather-in-Apr sundarbans-weather-in-May sundarbans-weather-in-Jun sundarbans-weather-in-Jul sundarbans-weather-in-Aug sundarbans-weather-in-Sep sundarbans-weather-in-Oct sundarbans-weather-in-Nov sundarbans-weather-in-Dec sundarbans-weather-in-Jan sundarbans-weather-in-Feb
High 33°C 36°C 36°C 34°C 33°C 33°C 33°C 32°C 30°C 27°C 26°C 29°C
Low 21°C 24°C 25°C 26°C 26°C 26°C 26°C 24°C 19°C 14°C 12°C 16°C