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Denmark Monuments

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Must See
Odense St Knud Church Heritage, Pilgrim

Famous for: Church, Tomb, Concerts

To the south of the Odense Town Hall stands St Knud's Church, the minster of Odense. It is named after the Danish saint, Knud IV, who had himself established the edifice which was devoted to...

Must See
Munkebjerg Church Heritage

Famous for: Church

There is an interesting contemporary church to be seen in Munkebjerg, to the southeast of Odense. Munkebjerg Church in Østerbæksvej was the product of an architectural competition i...

Must See
Assens Land, Heritage

Famous for: Hiking and Scenic views

The old town of Assens on the Little Belt about 40km south of Middelfart has a number of timbered houses dating from the 16th and 17th C. Of special interest is Willemoes House (1675) at Osterga...