Best Season & Best time to visit Denmark

The weather in Denmark can be very devious. The winter is very cold, with temperatures from -0 to -13 C. Snowfall is a common scenario with every winter and it´s very beautiful, especially in the country-side. The winter can be breezy, but is generally very quiet with Disney-like snowfall and icicles from every roof.


The spring is very shifty. It is often very blustery and fresh. Late spring all the flowers begin to bloom and the trees get new leafs. Even though it isn’t a tropical country, one gets to see a lot of flowers. The temperatures range from +5 to +15 C in the springtime.


The summer can be quite humid, a fact that many people is not aware of. Denmark is generally referred to as the Italy of the North, with summer temperatures from +18 C on the bad days, but up to +26 most of the summer. The fall has probably the shiftiest weather. It is very stormy and often accompanied with storms in the fall. The early fall is enormously gorgeous, as the leaves take on fantastic colors. The whole country goes orange. The temperatures range from +24 in September, but decreases fast all through Oct/Nov to around +10 to +5.

Best Season : Jan to March. Temperature: Summer 18 to 26°C, Winter -0 to -13°C

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Monthly Denmark Weather

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Low 12°C 10°C 7°C 3°C -1°C -2°C 2°C 7°C 11°C 13°C