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Keluang Hill Beach Land, Nature, Water

Famous for: Beaches, Caves, Mountains, Water Diving, Sightseeing, Shopping

Keluang Hill Beachis one of the foremostseashore destinations in the nation and is well-known for its beautiful and thrillingexquisiteness. Keluang Hill Beach is positioned in the near surroundi...

Must See
Mount Reng Land, Nature, Water

Famous for: Mountains, Adventure, Natural Beauty, Limestone Caves, Beaches

Mount Rengis one of the famed natural attractions of the country. It is situated at BatuMelintang, which is positioned alongside the East-West Expressway in the locality of Jeli. This place is u...

Must See
Redang Island Entertainment, Nature, Water

Famous for: Amusement Park, Beaches, Diving Sports, Marine Park, Fishes, Reefs, Scuba Diving

Redang Islandis one such atollin the country that issituated 45 km away from Terengganu. Redang archipelago comprises of nine islesspecifically Lima Island, PakuBesar Island, Paku Kecil Island, ...

Must See
Langkawi Land, Entertainment, Nature, Water

Famous for: Amusement Park, Caves, Largest Aquarium, Water World, West Coast Beach, Historical Attractions, Great Fare, Excellent Diving, Sunset Cruise, Skybridge

Langkawiencompasses of a group of 104 humid isles lying off the northwestern shore of Peninsular Malaysia. Langkawi features the mangrove quagmires, sandstone hills, pallid sandy shores, copious...

Must See
Penang Entertainment, Heritage, Nature, Pilgrim, Water

Famous for: Butterfly Farm, Museum, Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang National Park , Penang Botanical Gardens, Islands, World Heritage Site

Penang is a gorgeoushumid island, situated at the northwest of Peninsular Malaysia. The isle is also called ‘Pinang’ and enjoys a sultry climate with moderatelyconsistent temperature...