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Best Season & Best time to visit Malaysia

Malaysia basically observes humid weather, but the best part is it is never too scorching. Humidity is a general feature, which can be suitably predictable from its propinquity to waters. With the omission of highlands, the ambiance is on the whole moderately warm and tremendously humid. All the way through the year, the temperature varies from 20°C to 30°C on an average. Malaysia enjoys a steamy weather with plethora of sunshine all through the year. Structures in Malaysia are constructed to endure the nastiest of the storms.

Typically tropical climate is experienced all round the year. However, the monsoon varies on the shoreline of Peninsular Malaysia. On the west coast, the drizzling season widens from September to December, while the months from October to February accept rainfall on the east coast. As regards East Malaysia, it receives heavy downpours between the months of November to February. While Peninsular Malaysia acceptsstandardprecipitation of 2500 mm, East Malaysia flourishes in 5080 mm of rain. Monsoon season is on its crest from November to February, although August attests to be the wettest month on the west coast. For the most part, days are quite tepid and nights are pretty breezy in Malaysia. And its pleasing weather is constantlywelcoming.

Best Season : Throughout the year. Temperature: Summer 27 to 33°C, Winter 22 to 27°C

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