Langkawi, Malaysia - Amusement Park, Caves, Largest Aquarium, Water World, West Coast Beach, Historical Attractions, Great Fare, Excellent Diving, Sunset Cruise, Skybridge

Caves, Beaches, Amusement Park, Scenic

Langkawiencompasses of a group of 104 humid isles lying off the northwestern shore of Peninsular Malaysia. Langkawi features the mangrove quagmires, sandstone hills, pallid sandy shores, copious natural tourist attractions and scenes including veined mountains, immeasurable paddy fields and pastoral villages.  The history of Langkawi dates back to 500 million odd years and most of the isles are sanctified with prosperouslegends and folklore of the past. The islets of Langkawi have exclusive rock formations, copious caves, and many other means of amusment and adventure. Langkawi offers a multitude of water sports and amusementflair of the maritime life.

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