Rhino Conservation Center, Malaysia - Amusement Park, Wildlife, Sumatran Rhino, Captive Breeding of Rhino

Wildlife, Scenic, Amusement Park

Malaysia is habitat to abundant wildlife parks and reserves. Rhino Conservation Centeris one of the chief wildlife parks in the realm. The park is exclusive in its idea and notion and is exclusivelydevoted to the incarceratedreproduction of the unusual and in danger of extinction Sumatran rhinoceros.This distinctive conservation center is located in Sungai Dusun, Hulu Selangor and opened doors to the public in the year 1964. The whole center is gargantuan; it encloses an area of 4,330 hectares of mostly low-lying peat-swamp forest. Sumatran Rhino is the smallest and the oldest, in evolutionary expressions, among the five existing rhinoceroses in the world. In chorus, this species of rhinoceros is also one of the uncommon and most endangered species of huge mammals in the whole world.

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