Danum Valley, Malaysia - Bird Sanctuary, Bird Watching, Conserved Primary Rainforest, Cultural Heritage Site

Scenic, Bird Watching, Bird Sanctuary

DanumValleyis positioned about 83 km southwest of LahadDatu and is prosperous in natural world. The daleembraces of a large vicinity of virgin woodsprosperous in flora and fauna. The area has been documented as one of the world's most multifacetedbionetworks. One can get to seeatypical species such as the Sumatran rhinoceros, orangutans, gibbons, mouse deer and bearded pigs wandering around the forests of Danumgorge. You will also come across over 270 species of birds in the region. The Danum Field Research Centre is situatedinside the limitations of this forest reserve and was established by the Sabah Foundation in 1986.

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