Badlands National Park, USA - A national park located in South Dakota

Wildlife, Trekking, Scenic, Rock Climbing, Museum, Mountaineering, Monuments, Jungle Safari, Hiking, Garden, Camping

Situated in the western part of South Dakota, Badlands National Park is a well-liked area for tourists. The park features exclusive geological formations of layered sand and rock. The 244,000 acres of confined wilderness provide a centralized area from which travellers can visit close by attractions. Among some of the flanking are roadside attractions featuring historic museums, a famed shopping centre and a metropolis with unique hot springs. Travellers can take day trips to these sites and return to Badlands National Park for camping and mountaineering. Visitors to the Badlands can see remarkable wildlife and unique geological features in the close by Black Hills, gamble and re-enact gunfights in an Old West town and see the construction of one of the biggest man-made sculptures ever attempted.  

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