Everglades Region, USA - A mangrove jungle known for wildlife and fishing

Wildlife, Scenic, Jungle Safari, Garden, Fishing, Bird Watching, Beaches

Fishing is the dominant game of this "Mangrove Jungle," which boundaries the 10,000 Islands and the Gulf of Mexico, but visitors of all ages are sure to find a multiplicity of captivating activities in the Everglades. The appeal of the unscathed wilderness and its bounteous wildlife is sure to please everybody. Contrary to what the average tourist might expect, the Everglades is not a huge quagmirepopulated only by large snakes and alligators, but is rather a magnum opus of nature's beauty in a mystifying forest containing many forms of wildlife and birds in their natural habitat. The blend of climate, geographical location and ocean currents make the Everglades America's only sub-tropical wilds. 

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