Redwoods National Park, USA - Home to world's tallest redwood trees

Scenic, Jungle Safari, Garden, Bird Watching

One of the uttermost jewels of Northern California, the Redwood National and State Parks (RNSP) offer a collection of locations where you can see trees taller than the Statue of Liberty among some of the world's most awe-inspiring landscapes. The parks contain twisting roads that entwine their way around the rock-strewn coastline, and deep, dark forests, where light hardly makes it to the ground floor. The coast redwood, the tallest tree on earth, is preserved on thousands of acres of old growth forest in California's Redwood National and State Parks. The park complex is essentially composed of the Redwood National Park, one of America's smaller national parks, and three state parks in California and Oregon, which is the habitat to more than 40 percent of the world's old-growth redwood trees. 

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