Mount Rainier National Park, USA - A national park in Washington housing colossal volcanoes

Wildlife, Waterfall, Trekking, Skiing, Scenic, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Lakes, Jungle Safari, Garden, Caves, Camping

One of the world's most colossal volcanoes, Mount Rainier can overlook the skyline for 100 miles before you reach the park named after it. At almost three miles in height, Mount Rainier is the tallest summit in the Cascade Range; it dwarfs 6,000-foot neighbouring summits, appearing to soar alone among the clouds. Mount Rainier may be the pride and joy of the national park, but it is barely the only attraction. Here, less than three hours' drive from Seattle, you can stroll through outwardly endless fields of wildflowers, listen for cracking glacier fragments, meander among trees more than a thousand years old.

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